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Meet our Founder

Ashlee Gomez has always been a lover of hair care and beauty! Growing up in sunny Tallahassee, FL, Ashlee remembers doing her family members' hair and pretending to be her family's hairdresser (Ms. Annie Ruth), as young as age 3. Post-college graduation, her passion for beauty lead to her to join the multi-cultural marketing team at Revlon and attend cosmetology school at Paul Mitchell The School Atlanta. In 2013, this passion coupled with her love for mentoring young women and her love for the HBCU culture led her to start a company that would become the heartbeat of beauty among the multi-cultural collegiate demographic, Impressions of Beauty™.

Nowadays Ashlee is a busy wife, mommy to her two sweet babies, mentor to millennial women and hustler, delivering excellence to her clients at Impressions of Beauty. Ashlee's pioneering work has ushered in a new wave of beauty programming for HBCU and PWI campuses that connects and fuels an under-served community of multi-cultural college beauty lovers wanting to know more about brands that cater to their unique hair and skincare needs. For Ashlee, however, her platform is not only about the latest hot lip gloss or shampoo but most importantly a ministry that allows her to pour into the lives of young college women.