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How To Maximize Your Eyeshadow Palette

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    It can be overwhelming trying to get that perfect everyday beat! From keeping up with the latest and trendiest products to spending the money to get them. Here are some hacks on how to maximize one of the most versatile products in your makeup bag — your eyeshadow palette.


    Eyeshadow Looks

    Girl, this was obvious! Whether you’re going for a natural or creative beat, a good eyeshadow palette will give you a flawless eye look. Play around with what you like — neutrals, neons, even glitters. Your eyes are a canvas, so be an artist and make the most of them! 

    Lip Shades

    Buying different lip shades can be a task. It’s always a risk of buying a shade you don’t like or a shade you won’t wear. If you’re more of a glossy lip girl, here’s a trick for you. Line your lips with liner and go in with eyeshadow to fill the center. Then, put a gloss over the top, and you have your new lip color! To get the best outcome for a matte or glossy look, matte shadows are your best friend. If you want to give off the effect of a sparkly gloss, you can use shimmers or metallics.


    This is one of my favorites! Blush takes your face up a notch, making you look lively. Girl, ditch buying those expensive blushes and play around with those colors in your eyeshadow palette. I like to mix pinks, oranges, and reds. Blush color choice can be picked based on your undertones or the look you’re going for. If I want to look super bronzed, warm, and glowy, I use oranges. If I want to look alive and fresh, like a baby doll, I use pinks and reds.


    Everyone loves a good bronzing. Contouring snatches your face, detracting light from those areas. If you don’t have a go-to bronzer but would like to sculpt your face, go grab those natural tone palettes. I like to use deep red shadows as opposed to browns because they look softer and more natural on my skin. However, the best shades for contour will always be browns, oranges, and reds — warm tones. 



    One of the finishing touches of a fierce beat is a highlighter. It helps to reflect light, giving the face an overall glow. If you want to blind everyone in your beauty, use a highlighter! Make use of those shimmers and metallics in that dramatic palette. The brighter your highlighter, the brighter your future!

    Honorable mentions for maximizing your eyeshadow palette would be filling your brows and making a natural smudge eyeliner. For both of these hacks, you would use dark brown or brown-black shadows. Brows are a make or break for the entire face, and eyeliner makes you look edgy.

    Now that I have spilled the tea on how to maximize your eyeshadow palette, don’t be scared to give it a try. As college students, we’re always looking for ways to be a baddie on a budget. With these tricks, you can save your time, money, and your nerves. 

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