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How To Easily Cut Down Wash Day Time

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Ah, yes...wash day! It is the day all of us naturals dread. It can be so messy and involved, taking hours of our day just to finish one step. Although they are dreadful, wash days are an integral part of the natural hair care routine and essential to our hair's overall health. With that said, there are definitely ways to make this process a lot easier and less time-consuming. Just read below! 

One thing that will cut down wash day time is simply prepping your hair the day before. This means detangling your hair before you wash it, so it will not be so hard to comb, nor will it be as much of a challenge to make sure the water and products reach each strand fully. You should detangle with a conditioner with a lot of slip to avoid snagging and breakage, and make sure you apply this conditioner on damp hair too! It is also essential to ensure that you work from the ends to the roots during the detangling process, as this will also help avoid breakage and pulling.

The following method to cut down wash day time is working in sections. This also ensures that the water and products are reaching each strand, but it allows you to work efficiently. To do this, section your hair in anywhere from 4-8 sections before you get in the shower, and you can separate them by putting them in twists or using a hair clamp. Once you are in the shower, working in sections will allow you to make sure your entire head gets the same treatment equally. You won't have to waste as much time trying to apply it to every part of your head because the hair will be pre-sectioned.

The last thing that will help cut down your wash day overall is to learn your hair as a whole. Establish if it likes the LOC method (liquid, oil, cream) or the LCO (liquid, cream, oil) more. Learn if it prefers oil over butter and, if so, what kind. Once you do this, you establish a routine (weekly or bi-weekly) that your hair learns and sticks to so that it is already prepared to operate effectively when it comes to washing. You should also ensure that you include trims every 3-4 months to promote overall health and subsequently a more leisurely wash day in your routine.

These methods will help cut down wash days because they support a more thorough treatment of your hair. You need to do things like comb from end to root, work in sections, find moisturizing methods that work, and regular trims to help maintain your hair's health. Once you establish and stick to a hair care routine between wash days, your hair will treat you right when it comes time to wash. It won't make the process as brutal. The key is always in the care.

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