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5 Ways To Make The Planet Greener

Posted by Impressions of Beauty on

As we bring in the new and exciting month of April, we cannot forget one of its significant staples, Earth Day! Earth Day has been celebrated for decades worldwide and allows us to show Mother Earth just how much we care. Here are 5 easy ways to make sure she shines her brightest green for years to come.

Let's kick it off with the infamous triple R...reuse, reduce, and recycle. Think of all the paper and plastic we use daily. Now imagine the places it goes afterward. Recyclables cloud the ocean and make it hard for our aquatic friends to live in their own habitats. Let's make a pack instead of throwing that water bottle in the trash, put it in your nearest recycling bin, and cut down on the waste. The next thing on the list involves our time. Volunteering in local cleanups in your community majorly reduces the amount of litter on the ground and gives Mother Earth a little extra sparkle. The third runner-up is the conservation of water. Conserving water is as easy as turning the faucet off when you brush your teeth and not only helps save energy but reduces carbon pollution. 

This next thing involves a little one on one time with the Earth: plant a tree! All you need is a willing group of friends, soil, and a baby tree to complete this task. Be sure to consult with your nearest professional, so everything goes smoothly. Lastly, but certainly not least, is to EDUCATE. Take the tips you've learned here and share them with those around you for an even bigger impact. Happy Earth Day!

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